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Howdy from txtmblweed in North Texas

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I'm a retired Army Veteran after 32 years service who decided to leave the city rat race and start enjoying life! I have a 12 acre farm on a lake, I gave my oldest Daughter an acre to build on, and she and her family (husband and four grand children) live about 100' from my front door. Of course, my main obligation is to spoil the heck out of the grand children, teach them to fish, swim and go boating. To maintain the property, I bought a 1946 Ford 2N tractor in excellent condition and we're restoring it to new condition with a 12 volt system.

My latest effort is rebuilding the carburetor. Thank God for a nearby Tractor Supply store that carries a good selection of 2N parts at low cost. I'll be asking for help from all you experienced 9N and 2N owners that have been down the path I'm headed. I have a small machine shop and welder and lots of help. My biggest need is documentation and manuals. Feel free to email me whether to simply say 'howdy' or chat.

Email: [email protected]

So far, I've had to heat and straighten both steel pull bars that run between the differential and 3 point lift. I'm real good at making a charcoal burning forge from an old car wheel and a shop vac to blow air into the forge. It had those big steel bars glowing orange in just a few minutes.

God Bless,
Jim Myers
US Army (Retired)
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Welcome to the board...
Glad your here, enjoy the site.
Go to the home page and scroll down to the MTF's reference libraary section for the manuals for your 2n.

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