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I've been checking this site out off and on for a few months now and the information shared here is incredible and motivating me to pursue another passion. Playing in the dirt! lol

I'm in the market for a new garden tractor one that will last me a long time and provide me with many options. Definately use ground engagement attachments such as a tiller since I love gardening, aerators, and more for a nice lawn and a 2 stage snowblower with a nice cab such as a Original Tractor Cab with light set up and maybe even a hardshell cab. Winters up here can be fun!

I might use this tractor to make a little money on the side using it too.

So far the Simplicity Legacy XL and the Prestige have caught my attention the most but I see this new Sears Craftsman/Simplicity Prestige clone coming out and wonder if it might be right for me?

I'll have a few questions to ask in the forums whether It would be better for me to have the service support of a dealership or take a chance with Sears?

If I choose a Simplicity should I bite the bullet and get 4wd? LegacyXL? I'd love to get the diesel but I think I'd be stretching it.

Anyways I'm excited to be here! :thanku:

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