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Howdy from Dakota Territory

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I've been checking this site out off and on for a few months now and the information shared here is incredible and motivating me to pursue another passion. Playing in the dirt! lol

I'm in the market for a new garden tractor one that will last me a long time and provide me with many options. Definately use ground engagement attachments such as a tiller since I love gardening, aerators, and more for a nice lawn and a 2 stage snowblower with a nice cab such as a Original Tractor Cab with light set up and maybe even a hardshell cab. Winters up here can be fun!

I might use this tractor to make a little money on the side using it too.

So far the Simplicity Legacy XL and the Prestige have caught my attention the most but I see this new Sears Craftsman/Simplicity Prestige clone coming out and wonder if it might be right for me?

I'll have a few questions to ask in the forums whether It would be better for me to have the service support of a dealership or take a chance with Sears?

If I choose a Simplicity should I bite the bullet and get 4wd? LegacyXL? I'd love to get the diesel but I think I'd be stretching it.

Anyways I'm excited to be here! :thanku:

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DakotaGirl, welcome to the site! Sounds like you have you eye set on a very nice setup! I'll let the other Simplicity and Craftsman members answer your questions on the GT though! If you're going to do commercial work though get the toughest dependable tractor with "local" service you can afford!
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:MTF_wel2:,we are glad you are here.Check out the craftsman and simplicity forums.:thThumbsU
:howdy: from western WI! :MTF_wel:
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