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Howdy from Central Texas

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We just bought some land between Clifton and Meridian Texas. I will need a tractor (of course) and my wife has been hesitant about it. In a quick pre-emptive strike, I bought her a used John Deere L110 with a bagger. She loves to mow, and she is thrilled with the purchase. I am cleaning it up and doing a baseline maintenance pass on it (oil, filter, air filter, new gage wheels, mower blades, deck drive belt, grease, etc.). She's also getting a new seat cover, 8Y tow cart and mulch kit for Christmas - shhhh!

I'll get my tractor at some point and be doubly invested here!

I have been a member of several other forums, and I know how great they can be. I have been lurking on this one, and it appears to be fabulous. I look forward to getting information and giving back when I can.

Keep up the good work here, and thanks for letting me join!!

Mark (msip) :howdy:
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Greetings Mark & welcome from southern Md.

:MTF_wel2:Mark! :howdy:

If I bought a tractor for my wife I'd be packing my stuff!! :dunno:

*But honey- It's a John Deere!??! :crybaby:

It's kinda like getting her a can opener or new ironing board!:Stop::fing20:

If she's thrilled you got a great woman there!:trink39:
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