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Howdy everyone... mefish here

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Hey folks,
Great little forum that I stumbled on here and you folks obviously take great pride in the information you provide as well as the materials you have to offer a newbie like me.
I am the recent owner of not one, but two older tractors (because I like to jump in with both feet)...
I have just purchased an older Case VAO (just found out through here how to identify the year so I will be checking that soon) and an older Ford 8N. Both in decent shape with lots of little things to poke around and fix. The Case has a loader so I will be using it to help clean up my 3 acre shop and the 8N has three nice implements including a JD mower, disc and a drag blade.

Thanks in advance for the information and if anyone has any manuals or anything else on the Case VAO I would love to hear from them.
Mitch (aka MeFish)
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:MTF_wel2: Mitch , nice to have you aboard with us and glad to see you are enjoying the forums :).
Glad you joined!
:wwp: If you need easy Picture help
Be sure to Register for Your State!
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