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Put a test current to it and see if it reads right. Battery + to resistor, resistor to ammeter + post, ammeter - post to battery -. Note this means disconnecting the ammeter from whatever it's connected to originally.

Just be careful to use adequate sized wire based on the current and an adequate wattage resistor for the load.

Pick resistor resistance (in ohms) based on R = V / I.
V is voltage of your power source
I is the current you want (middle of ammeter's range should do)

Wattage of resistor (in watts) needs to be at least V x I or higher.

Another method is to insert the meter in series into a circuit of known amperage flow, such as a headlight feed, so long as the amperage doesn't exceed the meter's max range. Expected amperage of a lighting circuit is the bulb's wattage divided by the voltage across the bulb.

This is all for DC by the way...
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