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How to test a PTO Switch

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I thought I had a bad PTO switch which I recently replaced and realized it is not the problem (at least I think not). The clutch is fine and will engage if power is supplied to it. I recently purchase the tractor and am not familar with any of the wiring and don't really know were to start.

I'm sure the switches are pretty standard, but if not it is a 5 prong switch w/ 1-3 prong plug and 1-2 prong plug. I have power going to one of the end prongs of the 3-prong plug. When I flip the switch, I have power to the middle prong and the same end prong, but nothing else. Can anyone tell me where I should be getting power at?
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Do we ASSUME, that the Cub you are referencing, is the one in your Avatar....?????

What tractor are we talking about here? There are many interlocks and some have telays as well...
Sorry guys! Yes we are talking about the 682 in the picture!
OK....The 682 had two different wiring versions, depending upon the chassis serial number. What is the serial number for your 682...????
Here is a correct wiring diagram for your IH built 682....


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Thanks for the wiring diagram! It actually started working today on its own. I'm thinking it might be a loose wire. I will use the diagram to trace the wires and check all the connections.
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