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How to replace tires?

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Next question - How do you seat the %[email protected] replacement tubeless tires? I got them on, but I cannot get them to seat and hold air. They won't pop out to the rim. Tubeless tires are the work of Satan.:banghead3

OK, I got the tires off by cuting through the rubber then grinding through the steel belts with a Dremel
How do you unmount and remount the front tires on the rims? Should it really be done by a tire shop?

Replacing the front tires seemed simple, but I did not expect the original Goodyear tires to have 4 steel wires in the rims. They are semi-rusted to the rims.

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I just wrestled a few tires onto rims Saturday (in the 103 degree heat of central California), and it is always a bear. I clean the rims thoroughly when the tires are off of them, wire brushing away any flaky paint or rust spots, so that they don't become debris between the bead and the rim.
The next thing I always do is to lube the rim and tire thoroughly with soapy water (very soapy) using a bottle brush.
The soap makes it a lot easier to slip the tires onto the rims, and makes them slide into place better when you air them up.
Oh, and as for removing tires from rims, the best investment I ever made was in a cheap P.O.S. bead breaker from Harbor Freight. Not many tires will fit in a bench vise to break the beads, and for those that won't, you really need a bead breaker. Anyone with a welder, drill press and some scrap iron could build one, but for the $25 or so that a store bought one costs, I can't justify the time investment.
Cheers on your success!
I'd be a bit leery of that 2x4 setup. Looks like it could generate more problems when the end comes out from under the car and scrapes up the door.
And he's using that 2x4 in its weakest orientation, too.
Yeah, and although us tractor people wouldn't use the 2x4 that way, at least motorcycle people would recognize that it was a snowflake mag wheel from a street bike he was working on (probably an early 80's BMW).
On another note, I see an new 3-pt hitch accessory design brewing in the back of my mind . . .
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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