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How to keep my trailer tongue from lifting the truck when I back down the ramp?

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I have a good size dual axle trailer for my tractor. When I back down the ramp it really lifts the back of the truck a lot, putting loads of stress on the tongue and hitch etc. Are there any aftermarket solutions to support the back of the trailer from teeter tottering the tongue up?
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I had that on a three axle trailer and it took me the longest time to figure out how it worked. It was basically the width of the inside of the trailer frame held up with chains. You drop it down, then you back up a foot. It then completely supports the trailer in the back in the vertical position and removes all the weight from the back springs. Then you put down your ramps. When you put your load on and secure it, then you pull forward a few feet for it to flip up, then go secure it with the chains.
I used to haul farm machinery with a three axle trailer that used a pivoting stand under the back of the trailer.
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