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How To Determine Model Year

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Hey guys how do i figure out my LX178's model year?? TIA
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Call your dealer with serial # they should be ale to tell you. GL
Lx178 With 38-inch Mower Deck

1991 Model (sn M0l178x010001-040000)
1992 Model (sn M0l178x040001-070000)
1993 Model (sn M0l178x070001-090000)
1994 Model (sn M0l178x090001-110000)
1995 Model (sn M0l178x110001-130000)
1996 Model (sn M0l178x130001-160000)
1997 Model (sn M0l178x160001- )
1997 Model (sn M0l178n160001- ) (motorsport Edition)

Lx178 With 44-inch Mower Deck

1993 Model (sn M0l178a070001-090000)
1994 Model (sn M0l178a090001-110000)
1995 Model (sn M0l178a110001-130000)
1996 Model (sn M0l178a130001-160000)
1997 Model (sn M0l178a160001- )

Lx178 Without Mower Deck

1995 Model (sn M0l178b110001-130000
1996 Model (sn M0l178b130001-160000)
1997 Model (sn M0l178b160001- )
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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