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How to add ballast to tires?

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I have a Hydro 165 that I'm planning to use for snow removal (and mowing in our short Michigan Summer). My driveway is flat and concrete. I have a 38" snowthrower attachment, chains, and four new tires (Carlisle Turf Masters). From what I've been able to research on this website, filling my tires with washer fluid, Rimguard, or Antifreeze is a good idea, and the Scotsman in me likes the washer fluid for its economy. I'm also guessing it flows in a bit easier, which is also attractive.

But how is it done? I know it should be filled to 75% (just above the hubs), but no idea how to get it out of the jug and into the tire.
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There are MANY posts here about how you can do this.

Here is a link to one thread.

Look at posts #7 & #8 that's the way I did it.
There are about 1.34 million ways to do it.

Personally, I went a little high tech.

I bought a fill adapter from millertire, put tubes in my tires, hooked the fill adapter to a small pump I already had, put it in a 5 gallon bucket, poured in the anti-freeze and pumped away.
Is it just me or are those tires almost bald? I like the "funnel to fill the tires" trick. :thThumbsU
Mrs RockinRobin video on loading tires.
We use a tire pumper that we got from an Ag tire shop. Needed some repair. We have alot of big calcium filled tires and this saves those expensive farm calls to fix a liquid filled tire. These will pump the liquid in or out in a hurry.


O.K., I figured this has been a well travelled path, but in about an hour of searching, I found lots of acclimation about filling tires, but no detailed instructions. I'll be using the gravity method, along with the knee-assist technique.

Thanks for everybody's advice and direction. This site is great!
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