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how the heck do ya get a gravely to turn over?

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I carefully wrapped the rope around the pulley and with a world of confidence pulled the end of it. The pulley didn't move. So I tried again it still didn't move. I thought that by some wild chance the engine was seized up. I removed the head and everything was fine. So I need help is there a compression release on a model L or is there just a certain way to pull on the rope? Please help.
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Does anybody know the torquing sequence for the head on the engine? I have no clue who made the engne because there is no stamp or anything.
Thanks I'll give that a shot.
Hey I got it moving between you guys and my neighbor we go her to roll over!!! It required a ratchet and socket and some lubricant but now it turns over nice.
Also when I was trying to get it loose I had the spark plug out so I wouldn't be mistakeing compression for a problem.When I put the plug in I cranked it over and it was so incredabley tight. When the exhaust valve opened it was such a releif! :D
Don't worry I wore goggles!

That sounds about right but I'll check!
That is right when you hit the compression stroke your arms get a little longer :D
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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