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how the heck do ya get a gravely to turn over?

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I carefully wrapped the rope around the pulley and with a world of confidence pulled the end of it. The pulley didn't move. So I tried again it still didn't move. I thought that by some wild chance the engine was seized up. I removed the head and everything was fine. So I need help is there a compression release on a model L or is there just a certain way to pull on the rope? Please help.
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Also be sure that you position the engine so that you get about 1-1/2 revolutions before you hit the compression stroke. You may want to practice with the plug wire disconnected and grounded. These machines were built before modern amenities such as compression release, and of course, before the CPSC was even thought of.
Ya... thats the key right there. What you do it bring it up to compression, then wrap the strap, and then turn the pully BACK to the back side of the past compression stroke. Gives you some "Spin time" before it hits the compression stroke. Helps keep your arms connected to the rest of your body. :D
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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