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How old do gt's need to be to be concidered antique?

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Hello All,:howdy: i have been pondering this question for some time how old do gt's need to be considered an antique? I know cars and trucks are 25 years but what about garden tractors? Also is there a age limit at the tractor shows of how new a unit or old a unit has to be to show.I think my gt is an 1988 model (917.255914) and my second(with no engine at the moment) is i think a 1987(917.255911). Thanks again for the help everyone. Tootles:050::050::bellyemot:bellyemot:050::050:
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The DMV definition of 'antique' is usually based upon the year of manufacturer.
In my state, the youngsters at the DMV say that a 1987 (2012 - 25) vehicle is an antique. They also say that a 1940's sedan with automatic 'hyperglide', power disc brakes, power steering, 5 disc cd changer, bucket seats, and a 460 c.i.d. engine is an antique. Oh, a fully chromed 460 c.i.d. engine at that.
Or those 1920's model T's that have been made into hot rods with mis-matched tires, chromed wheels, auto trannys, plastic bodies, large V-8 engines and Ford Pinto front ends are antiques.
Not in my books. A 'antique' is 25 years old or older, has the same equipment installed as available in the year of manufacture other than tires (replacements must be same size and makeup (not radial in place of belted), has no alterations from the YOM, and has not been repowered. Also, originally 6v, still 6v.
Tractors.....if they're young (old) enough to do a full days work, they're not antique. Antiques are for showin', not workin'.
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Missouri uses the term "Historic Vehicle" and will issue a permanent tag to a vehicle 25 years old.

On vintage garden tractors I'm with the line of thinking that plastic hoods and cup holders weren't standard equipment.
So, a '90 car is an antique now? I don't think so. I'm almost 65 and I think anything made when I was a kid is an antique. Anyway, these catagories probably won't mean anything until some kind of national governing board makes them official.

It's true that old cars don't have the metalurgy/technology of the new ones. Still they were overbuilt. They had heavier gauge metal in the body and extra iron in the block and such. The same with GTs. When did the builders start saving money by making them flimsier? Using alternative materials such as alloys and plastics.

Let me ask another question: what is the Golden Age of GT styling? I would say the late 60s. For cars it was the mid to late 30s.
By IL DMV 20 years is antique. Yet I don’t consider myself a antique and Most don't consider stuff made in there lifetime antique US Customs office considers a 100 Years as antique and vehicles at 75 Years But Each state if different on vehicles So if You go Buy the US Customs office Then No Garden tractor as we know them today is a antique But I would say a 30 Plus Year old Machine is at least a Classic or Vintage if antique would not fit:thThumbsU
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Missouri uses the term "Historic Vehicle" and will issue a permanent tag to a vehicle 25 years old.

On vintage garden tractors I'm with the line of thinking that plastic hoods and cup holders weren't standard equipment.
Plastic has been around since 1856, Fiberglass since WWII Deere used fiberglass Hood's from the early 1960 until the early 90's:thThumbsU
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A 35 year old car is considered an antique in North Carolina. They are not required to have a safety inspection. I think a 35 year old garden tractor would be an antique. I have an old Wheel Horse that will be 35 years old next year.
Agree about the tractors not being made to last now but not on the cars,my wife's 1998 Toyota Corolla has right at 200,000 miles runs perfect and only drivetrain work has been to have the timing belt replaced twice as prevenative maintenace.How many pre 1950 cars could have done that? 0
None back then they had timing chains that didn't need to replaced every 60,000 miles if the rest of the vehicle made it that far.
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The word Vintage refers to "...a period of origin or manufacture.." as in a garden tractor of 1950 vintage. The word antique refers to "....existing since or belonging to earlier times..." My own personal opinion is that "Antique or Vintage " is any thing that is of a period before 1975. Vehicles have always been an "Antique" in Michigan for licensing or show purpose "...of being 25 years old or more...". JM2CW. Thanks
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I think for tractors (at least GTs), I'd consider 25 years to be "vintage" enough for shows, etc.

I feel, at least, that tractors older then 25 years are different enough from the stuff I'd normally see out and about here.

I'm not sure what I'd consider to be "antique." I'd lean towards 50 years, but I'm not even halfway there yet, so I don't think I'm experienced enough to judge that yet.

There's also so many differences in factory spec antiques, updated to be used antiques (like 12v conversions, new PTOs, new tires, etc. etc.) I mean, in general, what are you looking at in "value" anyways - a tractor that looks good, or one that's got its fair shares of dents/dings from a hard day in the field? Do you look for tractors that have the coolest designs (weather there was a solid build quality under it) or not?

I know that if I'm going to a show, the important things I want to see are :
-Interesting tractors/rare tractors that I wouldn't see elsewhere.
-NOT new tractors just driven in that I could see at a box store or dealer.
- Customized tractors, with homemade implements are okay (even if newish); I'd love to see how other people solve problems/add function without resorting to buying something off the shelf.
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i thimk it all depends on the state and age of the person in my own opinion. a tractor thats at leats 30 years old is a vintage ad anything older than 70 is antique imo
A tractor that you have more than one of and doesn't fit the other labels is a "collectible".
I don't really concern myself with those type of classifications. My collection is primarily '60's tractors.
You know, when I hear something is from the 60's, my first impression is that it isn't all that old. Then I realize that I'm from the 60's too 9and early 60's at that)...and quickly realize that it is really, really old.

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44 yrs old coming up soon......Antique? Yeh, I think it is. Probably anything older than 1980 would qualify. Just my 2c.


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Ok, we've talked it over. Anything built before 1972 is old. Anything built before 1965 is older than carp, and anything before 1958 is older than dirt.

That is the official stand of MTF.

Thanks for telling me that I'm as good as worm food. :thThumbsU
Wisconsin autos....... 40 years old = Antique. 20 years old is Collector. It seems people travelled less in the old days as many antiques have less than 40k on the clock.
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