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How old do gt's need to be to be concidered antique?

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Hello All,:howdy: i have been pondering this question for some time how old do gt's need to be considered an antique? I know cars and trucks are 25 years but what about garden tractors? Also is there a age limit at the tractor shows of how new a unit or old a unit has to be to show.I think my gt is an 1988 model (917.255914) and my second(with no engine at the moment) is i think a 1987(917.255911). Thanks again for the help everyone. Tootles:050::050::bellyemot:bellyemot:050::050:
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I Know Here in IL 20 years is a antique for Cars & Trucks
So, a '90 car is an antique now? I don't think so. I'm almost 65 and I think anything made when I was a kid is an antique. Anyway, these catagories probably won't mean anything until some kind of national governing board makes them official.

It's true that old cars don't have the metalurgy/technology of the new ones. Still they were overbuilt. They had heavier gauge metal in the body and extra iron in the block and such. The same with GTs. When did the builders start saving money by making them flimsier? Using alternative materials such as alloys and plastics.

Let me ask another question: what is the Golden Age of GT styling? I would say the late 60s. For cars it was the mid to late 30s.
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A tractor that you have more than one of and doesn't fit the other labels is a "collectible".
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