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How old do gt's need to be to be concidered antique?

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Hello All,:howdy: i have been pondering this question for some time how old do gt's need to be considered an antique? I know cars and trucks are 25 years but what about garden tractors? Also is there a age limit at the tractor shows of how new a unit or old a unit has to be to show.I think my gt is an 1988 model (917.255914) and my second(with no engine at the moment) is i think a 1987(917.255911). Thanks again for the help everyone. Tootles:050::050::bellyemot:bellyemot:050::050:
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Vintage - A year or period of orgin. Characterized by excellence; classic.

Classic - 1] Of ancient Greece or Rome. 2] Traditional. 3] Supreme; exemplary.

Antique - Belonging to an eariler period. 2] An object having special value because of it's age.

I dont know about the '87 and '88 Craftsman gts you have would fit this bill. But, 25 and 24 years is a respectiable time of service.

I would call my '67 IHCC 71 a "classic" . The days of stamped hardware are gone, as well as over-built anything.

My neighbour's JD something is a 1 lung'er. I'd call that "vintage" .

Antique comes to mind of "push - pull" and steam powerd tractors.
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I don't really concern myself with those type of classifications. My collection is primarily '60's tractors. The youngest of my collector tractors is a 1970, and I use it all winter pushing snow. I've taken it to many shows, and never refused admittance. :fing02:

I mow the yard with a 2010 JD X320, doubt if it'll still be around 40 years from now. :praying:
:trink39: Just wanted the definitions so she could decide what she might have. I'am sorta leaning with what D-Dog said. Just trying to help with the topic question, and voice my opinion.:trink39:
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