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How old do gt's need to be to be concidered antique?

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Hello All,:howdy: i have been pondering this question for some time how old do gt's need to be considered an antique? I know cars and trucks are 25 years but what about garden tractors? Also is there a age limit at the tractor shows of how new a unit or old a unit has to be to show.I think my gt is an 1988 model (917.255914) and my second(with no engine at the moment) is i think a 1987(917.255911). Thanks again for the help everyone. Tootles:050::050::bellyemot:bellyemot:050::050:
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I don't think you can compare it to cars and trucks. Up until the 70's GTs and farm tractors were made to last. Cars haven't been made like that since shortly after WWII.

So in general it would be something like:
If it has cupholders or plastic parts then it's not an antique. If it has a cast iron differential or tranny case and a steel engine block and body, then it would be an antique.

Of course if it goes without saying that using this definition, almost any antique - that's not allowed to rust away - will be around to pull all the newer ones to the scrapyard.

But I'm a cantankerous old SOB and an antique myself. :trink40:
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Oh, they couldn't have been. Just the tech advances in metallurgy alone would guarantee that. They tried a lot harder back then to build something solid and long lasting, and I think they did as well as possible given what they had to work with. I don't believe they do that today and I believe it's very obvious in anything built after the 50's. When was the term "planned obsolescence" coined?
But a 1998 is not that old of a car, either. Newer than most of mine! :D
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