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how much lower crank seal leak is too much?

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I noticed a drip on the bottom of the lower seal and the deck has some spray on it... not too bad... my 3060 LB
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My Rule is if it leaks, it needs to be fixed. I and a few other guys have run a mower once with out a seal, but its got no power. Id cut the rest of the season then replace it in the winter..
thanks imaLawnBoyFreak.... cause my grass needs a cuttin and I just shined her all up.... glad to find out it's not ultra-critcal
thanks Just Plain Al, I don't know how these motors work and was concerned a leak would cause some sort of piston/cylinder damage
after a tank and a 1/2 of gas

ok the 3060 is leaking 5times that much! plug is black and sooty :sad_02:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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