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how much load is to much?

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I have a craftman dl 300 model917.275810
I want to put a loader bucket on it but the frame is a little thin.
Also the rear axel doesn"t have a 5 bolt patteren for the wheel
can I change this some how? I'm thinking of adding hydraulics to it
by a pump off the main drive shelve is that the best way? Thanks for the help
I love tractors!
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Welcome to the forum konnon6!

You have a peerless 206-545c for a tranny. Over a million made.

The 5 lug wheels are only part of the story. They need to be connected to a tranny designed to take the torque required by a tractor with a loaded bucket.

Would a Johnny Bucket work for you?
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You need a real garden tractor for use with a FEL. I'm sorry to be so blunt but a loader on a lawn tractor that was never meant for such use is silly. The machine needs weight, traction, power steering, and a darn good hydro to stand up to FEL work.
Thanks guys
Ya I found out that a real tractor costs big bucks!
And many farmers had to make dew with a little power.
So I know this little tractor can do great things with a little help.
The advice you gave D-dog is great! thank you.
I saw a beautiful EFL made by a guy named Steve ? with a smaller
tractor than mine(Craftsman 1984 or something) with full hydraulics
The pump I'm useing is a double gear Haldex Barns 72gpm and 4000 psi
As for weight- no problem a 10 gallon rear mounted tank should give
me more than what I need. As for steering I have some Ideas but I still
open on that one yet. Again thanks you have been a great help.
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They weren't talking full sized tractor. They meant Garden tractor. You can get an old cub cadet that would fit the bill (way over built by anyone's standards) for around 500. Then add the loader. You will probably break yours in a heartbeat if you put a loader on it. Then you'll need that 500 bucks back and then some to replace/fix it.

Also around here you can get a tractor with loader for a grand or less.

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:MTF_wel2: Give it a try and let us know how it works out. I myself would go for the Jonnybucket forthat size tractor, but that is my $.02 worth. When you get it done, either way. :wwp: :goodl:
It isn't the size - it is the construction.
I made a front bucket for my gt wheel horse ( a real garden tractor ) and reinforced the front spindles to handle the weight. Remember whatever you put in a bucket is cantlevered over the front axle, multiplying the wt. the axle sees. Steering get hard with stuff in the bucket.
I guess you could go thru the effort to do one on the machine you have and when you fold the frame or front axle in half you could get a stronger machine and fit the works to it. Good learning experience though. Not trying to be a smart guy, just trying to catch your attention.
Here is a pic of the one I did:
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Seemed like a couple months ago, a member here posted his bent frame due
to an overloaded johnny bucket. Think the name was sirwin? Anyway he did a nice job adding some metal to the frame.
welcome to mtf. I agree that you may want to look around for a heavier tractor. consider a bolens tubeframe - people have built loaders on to them, they have all cast iron construction, and a bulletproof transmission. a member on here just picked one up that runs and drives for $200. I bought one a couple weeks back for $125. they are out there. try or www.
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Thanks guys

The pump I'm useing is a double gear Haldex Barns 72gpm and 4000 psi
As for weight- no problem a 10 gallon rear mounted tank should give
me more than what I need.
I hope that's a typo for the gpm. That pump could soak up 200 hp.and weigh considerably more than the full tank. For a small loader like you want, 4-6 gpm and 1500 psi is lots, and it will only soak up 4-6 hp at max load and rpm. You also only need 2-3 gallons of oil in your reservoir. Unless specifically stated otherwise, pump capacities are rated at 1800 rpm.

I put a loader on my MF12H many years ago. Learned a lot, did a lot of work and had a huge amount of fun, but I broke the tractor in half 3 times before I figured out what I did wrong.

Enjoy the experience, and learn.

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if you beefed up the frame and steering assemblys and took it it easy with the loader i think it could work
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