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how long will it really last

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Ever wonder how long a Honda tractor will last? Well, I just freshened up the starter on my 4518. Can you believe they put needle roller bearings on the drive end of the started? I mean did they not want to ever sell starters? There was nothing wrong with the starter, just wanted to lube it and see how the brushes were. (they were like new) No wonder they quit making these things, they never made any money after the sale!! They could have learned a lot from some crap making American company.
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Very true! I purchased a used Honda 3813 for $400 to act as a backup to my 2011 Cub Cadet. As is usually the case, about every four full mowing, the Cub has something (usually related to the mower deck) fail. This past Saturday, it was a carb problem with the Cub Cadet that I just wasn't in the mood to troubleshoot before the high heat of the day took hold. So out came the Honda..started right up and purred through the 4 acres of grass that hadn't been cut for 2-1/2 weeks. As usual, that little Honda didn't skip a beat.

The Cub? The non-starting was caused by the float being stuck closed. A rap on the float bowl and it fired right up. Maybe the Cub will run next week and if not, I know the Honda will be ready and eager to go!
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I am amazed at how well built and detailed the engineering this mower is. I guess that's why they are still around after 30 years.

I did buy a cheap Murry mower 30 years ago, and it's still going tho... and I never do anything but change the oil once a year, and belts when needed. (twice?) But I am easy on my equipment, maybe that's a factor too
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Kelly that's a good deal but I have you beat by little bit. I picked up a used 3813 in great condition. $130 with a bagger complete it needed a little bit of work starter solenoid a little bit of deck adjustment and I cut the lawn eight or nine times. It is making some noise from the front bearings I'm not looking forward to having to do those.
So I'm into it for a total of about $210 with the new air cleaner and other small components.
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