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How long does it take you to drop your MMM

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Here's the deal. It's takes me a good 5-10 minutes of bleeding knuckles, broken finger nails, tugging, cursing and lugging to get the 48" deck off my 2007 LA130 (same to put it back). A real PITA. How long does it take to do the same on a 2305 or X700 series? It seems SO MUCH easier. Unlock the guage wheels, drop deck, pull off the front hook (with a simple click), disconnect PTO and pull sideways/drive over and it's done, right? I mean, little physical effort or grunt work I am assuming.


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I've never timed the removal procedure, but I'd say it doesn't take more than 2 or 3 minutes to turn out the guage wheels, pull the out the latch pins, undo the PTO coupler and remove the front mount on my JD 2210.
I timed it a couple of weeks ago since I was curious to see how long it would take to go from the mower to my snowplow.

Removing Deck 4min
Instaling Weight Box 5min
Installing Quick Hitch 3 min
Installing Plow 1 min

Total Time 13 minutes :trink40:
GX345: I need start the tractor, raise the deck, set cutting to "0," then lower again, and shut it off. Then I pull pins, etc. So it takes a few minutes, 'cause I do not want to reach under the tractor with it running...:Stop:

But generally speaking, I guess I can get it out from under in 5 minutes total, but I never really timed it.:sorry1:
X720 with 60" 7-iron. I'll go along with the 3-4 minutes unless I forget to turn the gauge down to 0.
I'll go along with the 3-4 minutes unless I forget to turn the gauge down to 0.
Uh, yeah. Forgot that once, and I was using a hammer, screwdriver, etc. I even moved the tractor, etc., just thinking it was some how uneven enough to cause a problem. I was the cause, you could say...:thThumbsU
And as for injury, I did scald myself once trying to undo the PTO while holding a cup of coffee! Sure wish they would have figured out easier access to that thing. I'm too old to crawl!
More than 3 minutes, less than 5.
3-5 minutes... Depends on how flexible I am that day :) The PTO coupler is the hardest part of the whole show!
:ditto: 3 to 5min if that. Now compare to the new 1 series and it will have both the 2305 and the X700 beat Because you'll just drive over it and listen for 2 clicks and the decks connected without leaving the seat:thThumbsU
:...listen for 2 clicks and the decks connected without leaving the seat...
That might be 3 clicks, add one for the wallet:biglaugh:
I would say 3-5 as well. Toughest part is getting the deck slid out if I am doing it on grass.

I also have HDAPs and they are bigger so that does not help. I found throwing a 6x6 block under my sleeve hitch and powering it down lifting the back of tractor makes it really easy ;)

What is MMM?
I'm sure I could do it in 5 minutes, but I don't. I usually take much more time as I use it as a chance to inspect the underside of my x728.
And, once off, I usually clean the top side and underside of the deck. Also grease everything, and store it for the winter. So, the actual time from attached to sitting beside the tractor on the garage floor is an insignificant part of my semi-annual routine. I wait for a rainy day after Thanksgiving for the remove, and another in April for the snow blade to mower swap.
1-turn deck hieight adjuster to lowest position
2-flip antiscalp wheels
3- lower deck
4-swing brush guard out and release the bottom, swing it partly out
5- unhook front deck hangar, replace front brush guard
6-release deck driveshaft from tranny
7-start tractor and raise deck lift arms
8-roll deck sideways out from under tractor

Timed myself, I can do it in under 1'45" if I act like I'm a NASCAR pit crewman; if I just take my time, takes about 3 minutes. Hooking it back up, from the time I start rolling the deck under the tractor, takes about 3-1/2 to 4 minutes without hurrying.

I can do it in the dark without a flashlight in less than 4 minutes.
It takes me about 3 minutes to get my 48” off, and about 5 to get it back on. Takes longer to get it on because it has to be lined up. It is so easy to get on and off, that I take it off after every mowing and put it on the axel wheels. This allows me to stand it up and clean it, and I can then spend the rest of the weekend playing with the tractor without the deck. When I am down in the creek moving bricks and rocks, I sure do like the extra ground clearance.

Brett, the trick to the PTO coupler is to lie on your back and reach in from behind and between the rear wheels. Easy access from here. :thThumbsU
Probably takes about 5-10 minutes on my LA.

1. Lower deck onto flat surface.
2. Undo "spring pin" on the front hanger.
3. Undo "cotter pins" on lift arms.
4. Undo "spring pins" on draft arms.
5. Tug deck toward me, wiggle a little bit, until draft arm comes off frame.
6. Turn steering wheel towards the opposite side from which I will be removing the deck.
7. Remove second draft arm from the frame.
8. Slide deck out from under the tractor.

It does take some practice. This is the 54" deck on the LA150
The decks on the cheaper mowers do not come off as easy as the better ones. I had a LT166 that was a real biotch to take off. On my GX345 it is a snap.
:ditto: I totally agree. A LOT easier to reach in from behind to hook up the PTO. :fing32:
Roy, Wooly,

I am going to try this! Because trying to reach under from the left hand side is a PITA :)
3 to 5 minutes on my LT160, 2 to 3 minutes on my 2305
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