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Hello All,

Just a quick post on how I got over on a stubborn pulley for a mower gearbox.

Found that the gearbox on my newly purchased 40" kidney was in worse shape than expected.

Remembered that I had a 50" 3 blade deck from a 4 wheel tractor someone gave me about 15 years ago.

Found the deck, got the top plate off it, but the pulley nut would not budge even with my big 120V impact gun on it after heating it up good, using a strap wrench to hold the pulley from turning.

Got some HD 1 -1/2" muffler clamps from the auto parts store, and secured a 6' digging bar across the face of the pulley through the spokes.

That and a 6' pipe on the breaker bar after more heat and about half my body weight got that sucker to come loose.

Best part of the story, the old gearbox is in awesome shape inside.

My 2 cents, exchange rates may vary.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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