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how hard would it be to adapt a current Husqvarna deck to my 316 Kohler?

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I have a line on a new 48" Husqvarna mower deck at a good price. I was thinking of picking it up just as a backup if my Craftsman deck ever fails but I got to thinking that maybe I could adapt it to my JD 316 Kohler. I've had little luck finding a Deere deck for it at a reasonable price up to now.

At minimum I guess I would need a mule drive and lift arms to attach the deck. I have the rock shaft and the hydraulic lift arm, but no other brackets or belts. Your thoughts?
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If you can design, fabricate, and weld, it may work. If not, it's going to be expensive to have someone else do it for you. It may, however, prove to be impossible, depending on the deck and how well it will or will not adapt.
I think it would be a lot easier to find the JD deck....there are big differences.
But, hey why not, if you can make it work.
Yeah, the JD deck is the way to go, but everybody around here seems to want a lot for both decks and plow blades. I'm in no hurry, maybe the cost will come down on a deck as high mowing season is over.
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