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How good is the Bob cat CRZ zero turn mowers

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I look at a Bob Cat CRZ 52 inch zero turn mower with 22 hp Kawasaki engine the other day and was very impressed on what i saw, from what i can tell it's very good mower, but wanted to see what everyone else is saying about them. 5yr / 500 hr warranty caught my eye very fast. the CRZ 52 inch cut is $4,400.00 tax and all out the door at a local dealer. I did a research on you tube and saw a good many revues , but still making my mind on which way i want to go.I also looked at a 61 inch CRZ with 23 hp engine out the door was $5,028.00 . But don't really need 61 inch cutting deck... but for only being $628 extra might consider it.
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