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I have a briggs 18 hp twin has two valve on each side....each valve cover has a tin box...possibly with some kind of baffle or valve inside?.....and each of these has a tube going to the air cleaner or are these two breather tubes the only ones? this the crankcase ventilation system?...I have heard that some of the engines have some kind of breather valve..or reed valve by the flywheel.....there is another large tube..going from the engine shroud to the air cleaner...but I was thinking this might just be a freash air intake...anyway my problem is that one of the tubes from one valve is spewing oil into the breather...if it were too much pressure in the crankcase...I think both sides would do this..

Really I have 3 questions and I hope someone knows..

1 are these valve covers the breather system? there another breather valve somewhere..??

2 how do the valve stems get lubricated in this engine??...

3 does anyone know how these valve as inside..there is something inside the tin box...I might try taking one apart..

thanks...hope you can help
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