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Re: How do I keep MTF from trying to renew my site sponsorship without my approval?

The question of automatic renewal of site sponsorship comes up frequently.

So, here's what happened to ME last April... Last March, I was nominated for FMOM, and one of the perks of that was a year's free Site Sponsor (so MTF waived the 20 bux)... In April, I got this email saying that my echeque payment to VerticalScopes had cleared... Here's what it said:

Your eCheck payment cleared
Apr 16, 2012 04:34:05 PDT
Transaction ID:
Hello *****,

The $20.00 USD eCheck payment you made to [email protected] has cleared.

Here are the details:

Total amount $20.00 USD
Transaction date April 16, 2012
Transaction ID
And I got kinda bent about that... Except that when I went to investigate it, what I found was that when I had signed up to use PayPal to pay my membership the year BEFORE, I had clicked the extra checkbox in PayPal to make it a yearly subscription.. DOH!

So what I had to do so that I wouldn't get billed every year was go into MY PayPal account and cancel that subscription... What I'd recommend is that you take a minute and go into your PayPal account and see if you may have done the same thing (they're kinda sneaky that way, I don't remember doing it AT ALL, but there it was!)... Reason being, whether you want to be a site sponsor or not, if that subscription is in there, you'll get dinged next year for the 20 bux... Frankly, I didn't make a big deal about it, because I spend 20 bux a WEEK just on coffee, and I enjoy talking tractors with all these guys at LEAST as much as I enjoy my Timmys habit... Anyway, here's the instructions off the PayPal site for you, so you can go in and cancel that subscription...

1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click the Profile button ( profile.png .
3. In the Payment Settings section, click the Preapproved Payments link.
4. Find the Merchant line that starts with VerticalScopes and click on the VerticalScopes link to access the details of that subscription
5. Click Cancel to cancel your subscription.
6. Click Yes on the Cancel Confirmation box

When you have confirmed cancellation, your subscription information still appears, but your status looks like this:

As you can see from the instructions, PayPal has NOT made it a one-click thing to handle...
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