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How do I get at my hydraulics leak? 316 Kohler

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Ok, so my 316K has been leaking hydraulic fluid since I got it. The first thing I did was change the fluid and filter because I saw drips from the cooling pipe. I thought maybe loosening and retightening this during a fluid change might fix the problem. It didn't, I don't know if the problem is worse now than before or if I'm just more conscious of it but it is dripping pretty steadily.

Well, I got under there and cleaned a bunch of grime out and it seems the leak is coming from the very top hose above the hydraulic control valve. I can barely see the hose, let alone get a wrench on it's coupling. Am I going to have to take out all of the hydraulics lines to get at this thing? This old tractor stuff is getting less and less fun.
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I had the exact same problem you did with a leak.

Turned out, one of the hard formed factory hydro lines had the flare crack and break on me inside the hex headed nut, so the line was free to move in and out of the nut and sleeve, and was leaking there.

The line that broke on me was the short one of the two that come out of the transmission here, the longer one, had a kink in the bottom of it, not big enough to restrict flow, but still worried me, so while I was in there, I replaced them both with new ones from Deere.

That long line where it goes into the upper part of the hydraulic valve was a S.O.B. to get to. I can see why somebody had cut your frame to get to it, cause from the under side, forget it, one of those you can see it, but cannot get to it unless you want to remove all the other fittings and lines out of the way.

The I remembered my dad giving me a tool rail, one metric, and one standard, they were mis ordered, and he received crows foot line sockets, when all he wanted were the regular crows foot sockets, so he gave me these, like 7 years ago. Thinking WTF am I EVER going to use these for, I went ahead and hung onto them...let me tell you, they cam in VERY handy, and worked awesome for this, and these lines on the tractor!

*notice the socket on the end of my ratchet!* BUY A SET, they are awesome!!!

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Here is my thread I started with my problem/question on these lines.

For my 300, my two lines I installed are as follows:

AM35610 "tube" $21.50
AM35611 "tube" $26.50

Don't know, just going off my receipt.

If you go to the dealer, he can bring up a exploded diagram of your tractor and you can point out the exact line you need from his computer. Chances are, they wont have it in stock, I had to wait 3 days for both of mine to come in, no big deal though, worth the wait.

I have seen the solid formed lines in sets, as well as one solid, and one rubber line in a set being sold on ebay. So either this is something Deere did do, or its a common part to replace with a flexible one.

You ever work with flair fittings before?

Once snug, or they make contact, all they need is a 1/4 turn past that and your done. :bannana:

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