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How do I get at my hydraulics leak? 316 Kohler

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Ok, so my 316K has been leaking hydraulic fluid since I got it. The first thing I did was change the fluid and filter because I saw drips from the cooling pipe. I thought maybe loosening and retightening this during a fluid change might fix the problem. It didn't, I don't know if the problem is worse now than before or if I'm just more conscious of it but it is dripping pretty steadily.

Well, I got under there and cleaned a bunch of grime out and it seems the leak is coming from the very top hose above the hydraulic control valve. I can barely see the hose, let alone get a wrench on it's coupling. Am I going to have to take out all of the hydraulics lines to get at this thing? This old tractor stuff is getting less and less fun.
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Maybe if you pull the fender pan and seat, you'll have better access.
I won't pick on you about that, because my kids are going to think I'm ancient when they realize I grew up with no internet.
I grew up with no car, no computer, no TV, and I turned out just fine. Wait a minute, somebody's clanging on my jail cell door.
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