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How do I get at my hydraulics leak? 316 Kohler

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Ok, so my 316K has been leaking hydraulic fluid since I got it. The first thing I did was change the fluid and filter because I saw drips from the cooling pipe. I thought maybe loosening and retightening this during a fluid change might fix the problem. It didn't, I don't know if the problem is worse now than before or if I'm just more conscious of it but it is dripping pretty steadily.

Well, I got under there and cleaned a bunch of grime out and it seems the leak is coming from the very top hose above the hydraulic control valve. I can barely see the hose, let alone get a wrench on it's coupling. Am I going to have to take out all of the hydraulics lines to get at this thing? This old tractor stuff is getting less and less fun.
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Why don't you spend the $45 on the service manual on CD, ya cheap *** yankee?:ROF:ROF:trink40:

Seriously, the fender pan, as Stash mentioned, comes off really easily.
Jeepers these guys type quicker than me :ROF :ROF
I won't pick on you about that, because my kids are going to think I'm ancient when they realize I grew up with no internet.
But at least two of those three were available back then. My folks upgraded to two 12 inch black and white TVs when I joined the military. In fact it was only 9 months before I retired from the military that Al Gore finally invented the internet.
What good is a manual to you southern boys? Don'tcha need to be able to READ? :ROF :ROF :trink39:
Naw, they's full of pictures!
Did you use type F ATF? the leak around the rear shaft looks red.

That seal can be replaced.

So you are saying the top hose leaks right at the banjo fitting? Check the IPB on the JDparts site, but I believe there is a brass washer on either side of the fitting which may need to be replaced thus solving your leak there.

I can just picture some yahoo out there with a sawzall trying to get a better view of the hoses.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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