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How do I get at my hydraulics leak? 316 Kohler

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Ok, so my 316K has been leaking hydraulic fluid since I got it. The first thing I did was change the fluid and filter because I saw drips from the cooling pipe. I thought maybe loosening and retightening this during a fluid change might fix the problem. It didn't, I don't know if the problem is worse now than before or if I'm just more conscious of it but it is dripping pretty steadily.

Well, I got under there and cleaned a bunch of grime out and it seems the leak is coming from the very top hose above the hydraulic control valve. I can barely see the hose, let alone get a wrench on it's coupling. Am I going to have to take out all of the hydraulics lines to get at this thing? This old tractor stuff is getting less and less fun.
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Naw, they's full of pictures!

Now ggsteve fixing these minor items is 50% of the fun of owning older tractors. Of course leaks are probably one of the most common and the least popular issues. Sounds like yours should not be bad since it is just a hose. If you are going to have a leak having it be a hose is pretty ideal compared to other potential leaks . Of course no one likes extra expense but the work itself if fun.

You still have the Craftsman so no big deal if the JD is down for a while right?
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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