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Today I started all of my small engines just to get fuel through the carbs. It was 32 degrees out when I did this and they all started up and ran pretty much the same as in the summer.

I got to thinking about the differences between 2 and 4 strokes and what that might mean for lubrication. For example a 4 stroke with 30 weight oil would basically have no lubrication at start up if it was say 10 degrees out but then after the oil warmed up it would run just fine.

On a 2 stroke the oil is mixed with the fuel so the oil would not warm up with the engine. If the oil was to cold to do it's job would it be like running with no oil??

I realize that single stage snow blowers use 2 strokes, do they require different oil than other air cooled 2 strokes??

Just curious.

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I would have assumed it might actually work in the 2-stroke's favor. It's getting oil instantly, since it is drawn in with the gas.

I believe 2-stroke snowblowers use the same oil as other 2-strokes. I've been using normal 2-stroke oil, anyways.
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