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How can you tell if you have .030 rings in a Tecumseh HH60?

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I have this Tecumseh HH60 cast iron block engine which I wanting to restore again. I had it rebored about 25 years ago but do not remember if the machine shop rebored it out .010, .020, or .030. If it was bored .030 over what would I do then? Can you rebore it to a bigger cylinder size and buy some universal piston and ring set that would work? Would the connecting rod be reused or redone or get a new rod for it? What if I was just to put a new set of rings in it. Would it stop all the smoking and burning oil? As I said before I do not know which oversized rings were used before. Is a way I can tell?
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If you can't remember, then I would suggest either cleaning up the piston and looking for a part number or mark on it (ie, it may be marked with 30 or 0.030 somewhere [or whatever oversize it is]), or measuring the cylinder at a low-wear spot (say, at the very end of the cylinder near the crankshaft).

Also measure the cylinder in other spots, in both directions (ie, in the same direction that the piston wrist pin is, and 90 degrees to it), at the top of the cylinder and in the middle, to see how it's worn and if it's still within specs for the current size piston, or if it needs to be bored out to a larger size.

If it does need to be bored out again, but needs to be bored larger than the largest oversize piston available, then you need to go another way.

Maybe the engine can be bored out, then sleeved back to the original size, or it can be bored a little larger, and you can find a piston/rings with the right dimensions.
But both of those are risky, as the cylinder is bored out past the limits spec'ed by the OEM, so it may be too weak or you break through the cylinder wall, or you can't find a piston of the right size.

Otherwise, it's try to find another engine/block of the same type you can rebuild/install, or you repower with a different engine make/model.
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clean off the top of the piston it should tell you std or 010 020 030

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