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How about this, worth it?

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Tractor looks very good. Have no idea what they are going for.
Say, is that a Fram oil filter I see in one of the photos?

Sure looks clean. In fact, it looks almost new. I don't see many of that model in my area, and they are not a collector's item, so the price is usually $500 or less. They are good tractors, nothing wrong with them, and that one "looks" exceptional. Is it close enough you can take a look at it in the flesh?
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In my neck of the woods, that's a $500 mower. And it's not as heavy duty as he claims, it's very similar in capability to the current "L" series machines.
Certainly does look clean, but I've seen nice looking 314s for less.
That Fram does sort of jump right out at you doesn't it?
Thanks guys, I did not think it was "what it is":Disgus:
And the fram filter means what?
Nothing really just sticks out like a sore thumb orange rather then a black filter.Guy probably saved a few dollars and was able to get the Suicide Knob with the change.
I have one with the black deck...hydrastat....I think they are a very nice machine for cutting grass........

A fram filter PH7575 is about $7 here at TSC ...The JD filter is $8.....hardly a savings.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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