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Hour meter, clock, BDI

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Hour meter, clock, batteri discharge indicator, maintenance indicator

Thought you guys might be interested in my latest modification. I added a much better hour meter. It happens to be backlit, and is fully programmable. It has a settable hour meter, maintenance interval indicator, clock, and a 1 amp FET output. I figure if I do not use a battery tender this winter, I can always check on how depleted the battery is and just charge it on a need be basis, or just run the vehicle. I like having a battery meter on it.

This is my new Kubota T1880. Just got it delivered. It did not have a hour meter with it (go figure, a $3k+ lawn tractor).

Install was simple 53 mm round circle that pops right in. I moved the light switch over. 3 wires later, all done.

Purchased from Global industrial products in Chicago. They even have a graphical tach as well, lots of options to do different things.

Part number was 3002R-57X-0001

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I wonder if I could incorporate one of these onto my JD GT225 dash pad? Where did you buy?
Global Industries/Chicago. I should have read more. Nice, I like it.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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