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Hot Summer...

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Hi everyone,
This summer has been very hard on the lawn. I have lost 25% of it to the hot weather and lack of rain. Now that the weather is starting to change I spent the day working on repairs. Just have to reseed today but got everything else done Sat. Anyway wanted to stop in and let you know I'm still working to keep everything looking nice.

Cut what little grass is left with my 62MMM.

Dethatch lawn with small tow behind unit.

Hand rake and remove dead grass (pain).

Scuff up dirt areas (more pain).

Plug aerate lawn with tow behind unit (3 JD weights 42lbs each).

Fertilize and reseed the lawn with 3 point PTO spreader.

Hay all areas and keep wet.

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The place still looks great to me. Nice to see everything is A-Ok with you.:fing32:
All is well here how is the rest of the boys??? :thThumbsU
Looks good to me too, along with that nice machine you got there :fing32:.
The place still looks great to me.:fing32:
I was thinking the same, the lawn looks great in the background.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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