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Horizontal Directional Drilling

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Kind of a neat machine. Crew is drilling under a couple of nearby creeks for a water line. Haven't talked to them, but I did glance at the machine from a distance while they were gone.

Did a quick search and found a few pictures of various machines and this:

Directional Drilling Explained - Jackson Creek Enterprises - Directional Drilling and Remediation Specialists

Anybody use one that can explain the process more?
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They use them lot around here--specifically for FIOS vinyl/rubber cables....

They are pretty neat--but messy to use and a lot of manpower involved....

They pump water along with the drilling bore's to stay cool, I suppose---and every so often have to dig a hole for like-sight of line...As the power ram reaches it's limits--they pull it back and add more length..

Then they put the borer -thing on the machine that makes the whole bigger....

It takes a whole truckload of pipe extensions, sometimes, to get where they want to go. Muddy mess @ both ends if it's wet at all.
Here -also, I've noticed mostly sub-contractors to the local utility company, and most labor is , shall we say 'from south of the border"..
NO other way to describe it....:dunno:

Still--neat concept and I'm sure--cheaper and quicker than digging trenches and back-filling..

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