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Horizontal Directional Drilling

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Kind of a neat machine. Crew is drilling under a couple of nearby creeks for a water line. Haven't talked to them, but I did glance at the machine from a distance while they were gone.

Did a quick search and found a few pictures of various machines and this:

Directional Drilling Explained - Jackson Creek Enterprises - Directional Drilling and Remediation Specialists

Anybody use one that can explain the process more?
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I spent all last summer in Chicago doing the ties ins for gas lines behind on of those. A lot quicker than trenching. They only have two man crews on the actual drill. An operator sits on the drill and a laborer walks in front with a locator box directing him which way to manipulate the drill.

There would be a separate crew going ahead of the drill opening up tie in pits and also exposing existing utilities so they weren't drilled into.
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