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hope i did not make a mistake

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I am just finalizing a mahindra max 25. From what i read on another thread it seems like maybe this is a mistake? I agree about the foot pedals and the brakes but all else seems quite nice!
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I looked at the Mahindra Max 25 my self before I bought a used massey GC 2600. The pedal controls was going to be an issue with me . If you can get use to the pedals and have a good dealer relationship , everything else on the tractor looked good . Have fun with it . And post some pictures . :trink39:
I just got a New Max 25 in Dec and got to tell you I don't think the paint quality is there and the anodizing on bolts seat belts and such is poor,paint is chipping seat belts rusting just does not say quality to me. The levers stick don't operate smoothly it lacks refinement. Hope the power train proves reliable?
I'm having a new Max 26xl delivered this week. I've been a John Deere man my whole life. I looked at a new JD 2 series first. I decided on Mahindra for the value. It's more tractor for less money.
I believe in function over form when it comes to equipment. I'm going to work it hard, so we will see if it stands up.
Mahindra and Deere both made in Japan.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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