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Hood Ornament on a GT?

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I have several thousand hours sitting behind one of these, only it was a 4430 and 4440 back in the 80's. I was wondering what it would look like on my GT225, and bought a used one from a junk yard. It matches the slight curve of the hood perfectly.

What do ya'll think? Should I drill holes and mount it or scrap the idea? Your opinions matter!


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You don't need permission to drill holes in your own tractor.:D If you really are the indecisive type, double face tape it on... maybe or maybe not perhaps.
I like the idea of personalizing the appearance of your GT. I changed the side graphics on my hood to the older style classic "John Deere" for that reason. The hood ornament looks good, doesn't stick up too much, so it won't get knocked off or snagged.

I think a small deer's head would look cool, sort of like the Mack Bulldog, but I'd worry about catching it on tree limbs.
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Jim, you need to remember that 40 years ago, Harley Davidson had maybe what, 4 models of motorcycle? They looked at the way owners wouldcustomize their bikes, and today there are maybe 50 models based upon what bikers did to their bikes in the 60's and 70's.

Do YOU like it!
Use double sided tape ,if your unsure about Sears Suburban came with a factory hood ornament,at least my '68 did!...I think that one looks good on your tractor,but dont blame you for not wanting to drill the hood...

I found a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air hood ornament in my back yard with my metal detector a few years back,I'm tempted to put it on one of my other tractors,it still looks useable,alebit pitted--but so aint the rest of the tractor!..looks like a missle!'d make a good "pointer" to help keep the tractor going where I want it too...
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