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Hood bolts for Wheel Horse 953

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My 953 Wheel Horse has none of the original hood bolts, only some hex heads that the PO used as replacements. Not having seen any of the original bolts, what do they look like? Anyone have a closeup photo of one they could share with fellow forum members? Thanks! vvm
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well heres one its a crappy picture Ive got to get a better camera

there a guy on enay thats sell them oursoonerflags I think
there 1/4 by 1/2 long
It's a "knurled" thumb screw. Shows they are still available.
You better sit down for the

$27.37 (each)....

If I am not mistaken you can get a set of three of those on Ebay. I got a set a few months ago. The guy makes them himself and they look great. Keep your eyes open........they will pop up again.
If you email the guy on ebay he will sell you four just for the hood

OI had to dig for but found it
[email protected];
Thanks guys. I wasn't sure if they were the correct bolts or not. About a year ago, I did the ebay auction for three of the aluminum bolts for a 753 from the fellow that makes them. Nice....but I don't know how much torqueing they will take. I'm real careful when tightening them. Reason I asked is that I'd seen a photo of a 953 restored and it had a type of black hood bolts. Being "restored", I figured they must be correct...and different from those on the 753. But, it sure makes sense that WH would use the same bolts on all models. Paying over $25 each for new ones? I don't think so. vvm.
All the wheel horse use them 854,753,702,701all lawn rangers,and I could go on and on but there the one and they didnt use any black ones.
like I said email ousoonerflags he a nice guy that has been to the wheel horse show his name is Gary if you email him tell him oldandred told you to.
the Va, guy I have the org, but there higher than bear said they were and toro doesnt list them any more
A good source of reasonably priced steel thumbscrews similar to the type used on these old wheelhorses would be a great thing. I have the wing type of thumbscrew, as used on the old simplicitys, but the round machined type is not easy to find new.
Should have done more web searching earlier. Here is a link to a source of "panel screws" which might work. Stainless is available from these folks. I don't know how to add a link to this reply, so here is their complete URL:

They are available for the price I said..... I did not say "where".
But they are listed on
Teddy, check out the link shown above. For 1/3 the price it may be possible to get stainless versions of virtually the same thumb screw....

Just placed an order for 8 of em. Price $5.15 each. Head is 3/4" diameter by 9/16" thick. Thread length 3/4". Stainless Steel. Straight grooves on head, rather than cross hatched original. Close enough to original to suit my needs. vvm
That is a lot better price unless you got a friend that can make them
in a machine shop.
Stainless steel Thumbscrews

Not a week later, the thumb screws/hood bolts arrived today. At $5.15 each for stainless steel variety, they are virtually dead ringers for the originals used on the 7xx, 854, 953 and 1054 tractors from the early 60s. Head diameter and length is identical to original. Being stainless steel, they will maintain their appearance a very loooong time. vvm


nice looking bolts. they look big in your hand
there close but this is the original ,but dont get me wrong i would use those aswell.
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