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I was gifted a Honda HRB217HXA mower because the self propel wasn't working any longer. The control cable to adjust the propel speed is at the max so I can't adjust it. The pulleys underneath seem to be ok. There was a thread on here about the transmission being low on hydrostatic fluid. I'm wondering if that might be my issue. It probably needs at least a belt and some hydrostatic fluid?

When working on this mower, how far can I flip it? Can I stand it up vertically instead of laying it on it's side?

This is the thread I'm referencing. It's 10 years old though. Help with Honda erratic hydrostatic self propel
Welcome to the forum! Even though I use mostly Lawn-Boy I do own an HRX217 for when the Lawn boys become unreliable. I would check the hydrostatic fluid level just to eliminate any doubt and then go ahead on replacing the belt to see where that gets you. Also you can hold it vertically as long as the spark plug faces up you should have no worries about oil. Hope this was of some help!

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