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Honda H5518 RT5000 useability

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I live in clay rich Central SC with an abundance of small rocks in the soil. I'm looking for a sub compact 4WD tractor to be able to till between my garden rows to plant my fall crops. I have about 42"- 48" between my rows to start the fall crops. I have seen these Honda H5518, H5513, RT5000 tractors list on CL and wonder it they have enough weight and power to till in this ground. There are a lot of videos of these machines plowing snow, but I cant find any of them tilling in clay. I think the H5518 is 18HP and the others are 13HP. I currently have a Long 610DTC 4WD and a JD955 4WD to do the heavy stuff. I'm open to any other options but I have had good success with the Honda Brand in the past.
Thanks for any input.
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You may try posting this in the SubCompact forum to get more views.
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