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Honda GCV 190 issues

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I pull out my el Cheapo home owners pressure washer today and it was hard to get started. Its only 1 year old and has probably 12-15 hours on it max. It would fire for a second or two but not stay running. I got mad and frustrated and let it sit for a few hours. I came back later and it fired right up. Didnt sound exactly right and I noticed it was surging a bit under no load.

My first thought was bad gas so I let it run out and refilled it with fresh gas. No change and the last time I had it running was about 45 days ago give or take. Under a load it sounded like it was going to die and didnt feel like to me it had the power it used to have. Seemed weak to be honest even for a cheap model.

My first thought is carb varnish maybe? Is there anything I can run through it to clean it out without taking it apart? I dont use stuff like this very often and that is part of the problem I am sure but it ****** me off to have something that does not run properly especially since its not very old. Thanks.
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Try Seafoam according to directions on th the can.

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