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honda flywheel puller

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when i went to change my timing belt, i had to make a flywheel puller and handle to hold the flywheel when i re-installed the flywheel retaining nut and torqued it

honda svc manual calls for two tools, one a special puller and then a separate "holder" - basically this serves both purposes if you have a standard gear/pulley puller handy

took three 3" diameter flat washers, a pc of scrap channel & about 45 minutes to make - only tools needed were a drill press and a welder

the only critical dimension if you want to make one in advance of pulling your engine, the flywheel nut on my 3813 engine is 23MM, and allowing for socket wall thickness of 1/8" each side, an opening of 1 & 1/8" is required (if you check your svc manual and it shows that nut as a "16MM" nut, they're referring to the threaded diameter, not the outside or socket dimensions
I'm pretty sure the 4514 uses the same flywheel, and suspect the 4518s do as well

there are two sets of bolts, the longer bolts are so the gear puller can get under the washer head, the shorter ones are for use when just using it to hold th flywheel while torquing the retaining nut

anyway, in case this helps

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i just use a large 3 jaw puller. its worked 3 time's so far having to remove the flywheel for starter replacement.
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