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Honda 5518 mid mount to front mount mower conversion

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hunky57, I was reading through some old posts last night and dicovered that you successfully did a mid-mount to a front-mount mower deck conversion.

I also read where your deck is worn out and retired and you now use a different machine for mowing duties.

Is there any possibility that you could post some detailed photos of your setup? It would be greatly appreciated. If you want, you can just email me some pics, and I will host them on photobucket and post them up for all to see.

If I can pull this off come spring, I can make my MM52 a front mount and leave my cab on year round. - just take off the doors for summer use. (I'll probably paint my roof white as well!)

Currently, my cab is using the deck lift arm location for the front cab frame mount.

Thanks in advance.
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Any news on this one? I'd like to do the same.
Honda made a front mount set up there was a guy in Ottawa last year had a rt5000 fo rsale with it on it there was a whole setup on ebay last year also it was in arnprior ont and ive exchanged emails with a fellow that has the same setup on a 5518. its the old 46 in deck from a rt5000
Anybody ever try using a Bolens shaft driven deck for a front mount Honda deck
They must, we have to put Snapper decks on our Bolens around here.
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Anybody ever try using a Bolens shaft driven deck for a front mount Honda deck
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