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Homebrew ladder stand-off/brace?

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I'm thinking about trying to fab something together out of pipe or lumber. I don't really like the idea of paying $50 for a piece of bent aluminum tube and a couple clamps.

Anybody put something together cheap, but reliable and effective?

Maybe where the width is adjustable instead of fixed?
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Two pieces of 3/4" EMT, about 3-4' long, bent at 90°, with some sort of plastic or rubber cap on each end.

Attach to ladder with appropriate sized muffler clamp or U-Bolt.

Drill holes through both pieces at about 4" intervals to accommodate a lynch pin or bolt to prevent the sections from twisting and allow width adjustment.

If you don't want adjustability, maybe just a single piece of 3/4" EMT bent 90° at both ends.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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