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Home Security at work

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I just came home from a very nice vacation at the beach. I often pull my game camera from the woods where it does duty under my tree stand this time of year, and aim it at the house, just to keep an audit-trail of the comings and goings here on the summit.

But for proactive security, I always ask one of the neighbors to "keep and eye" on things. I am happy to say, my game camera verified she did just that every day I was away. Here she is scanning the house, garage, and general driveway accesses:

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You use the same security outfit that I do! They make two passes by here a day plus the occasion random night patrol. :D

Great vid Jere. Nice place too. :fing32:
Thanks for posting the video Jere.:thanku:

Looks like she was starting to mow the lawn at the end of the video. :fing32:
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