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Home Made Tiller for 990

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I was lucky enough to find this Bush Hog tractor for my daughter to use on her small farm. The PO highly modified it to include a front bucket, 4WD with independent clutch, R&P steering, 16hp engine, foot throttle and more.

Included with it was a home made rear blade with electric tilt. The blade is reversible. The Bush Hog has a pressure down hitch. I cleaned up and painted it and added a hitch ball to it.

Also included was a massive home made self powered tiller. It is two walk behind tillers mounted to the frame and driven by a speed reducing pulley setup.

I am adding a 3pt hitch hookup to the tiller for my MTD 990, while keeping the Bush Hog hitch hookup.

The PO did all his own work on these and I just scratch my head when seeing these things.


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Welded on the pins and center link hookup. The tractor lifts it fine with no noticeable flexing of the brackets.

Took it out back to see how it digs in hard dirt. It pushes the tractor forward but digs in.
8 tines is too much for an 8hp motor (I kind of figured a bigger motor might be needed) so the outside tines need to be removed. My old 5hp tiller had 4 tines so 8hp should run 6 tines ok.


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I would like to see more on the 4wd

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Thanks for your interest Bigdodge.

Here are the links to my posts on Garden Tractor Talk, Bush Hog forum.
At the end of the first post is a link to detail pictures posted on Photo Bucket.

This is a post about the rear end ring gear replacement. There are some wider view pictures of the bottom.
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