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Home Made Tiller for 990

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I was lucky enough to find this Bush Hog tractor for my daughter to use on her small farm. The PO highly modified it to include a front bucket, 4WD with independent clutch, R&P steering, 16hp engine, foot throttle and more.

Included with it was a home made rear blade with electric tilt. The blade is reversible. The Bush Hog has a pressure down hitch. I cleaned up and painted it and added a hitch ball to it.

Also included was a massive home made self powered tiller. It is two walk behind tillers mounted to the frame and driven by a speed reducing pulley setup.

I am adding a 3pt hitch hookup to the tiller for my MTD 990, while keeping the Bush Hog hitch hookup.

The PO did all his own work on these and I just scratch my head when seeing these things.


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Holy mackeral that thing is terrifying. Looks like someone either loved it or was a mad scientist :eek:

That tiller looks pretty well made, not much would stand in it's way. Must way a ton though.

Ill be watching this one :)

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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