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home for wayward Deere

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well apparently I've started a home for used and abused John Deere tractors. Picked up a 216 and a 314 yesterday mostly in pieces. just need to decide what to do with the 216 it's engine has been transplanted to the 314. Do I put the 216 back together and try to rebuild the Kohler out of the 314. or do I part out the 216?

I was after the 314 if I can recover some of my expense with the 216 I would be any advice would be appreciated.

forgot to say I do have probably 95%+ of both tractors


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:trink39:I saw those craigs list myself looks like a good project good luck with it and keep us posted
Should you decide to part out the 314, I have a list of things I would like to find. :fing32:
They are rougher than they look in the pictures, especially the 216. These will have to wait for a while to get dealt with as I have a craftsman that needs put back together, its Kohler is in pieces, and a bathroom remodel that needs to be finished first.

Didn't figure I was the only one who saw them on Craigs KC list moves fast, though these were listed a few times.

Doubt I part the 314 its the one I wanted, my newly acquired 317 needed company.
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